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Introducing the Executive Committee '24! July 12-21
A team of volunteers dedicated to steering the ship for 10 days of festivities. Each member brings passion to the table, there's no doubt about that!

Photo credits: La Cave Media

Mike Doucet (Small).jpg

Mike Doucet

Festival Director & Head of Finance:

Leading the way with vision, He is at the helm. The man to call. Reach out to him directly for any festival related questions (647) 328-1248

Chris Drysdale (Small).jpg

Chris Drysdale


Managing the logistics and ensuring a seamless flow of activities, He plays a crucial role in coordinating various aspects of the festival.


Dale Knowles (Small).jpg

Dale Knowles

Band Committee:


Curating an outstanding lineup of musical talent, He is committed to filling the air with unforgettable performances.

Claude Doucet (Small).jpg

Claude Doucet

Bar Committee:


Crafting the perfect atmosphere, Claude is your go-to for ensuring that the beverages flow and the good times roll.


Gilbert LeClair

IT Specialist & Security:


Behind the scenes, Gilbert takes charge of the festival's technological landscape, ensuring smooth IT operations & safely for concert goers.


Luc Duguay

Position: French marketing

Melissa Ellis (Small).jpg

Melissa Ellis


Bringing creativity and flair to the team, She is set to make sure the world (well let's start with NB 1st) knows we are here! Reach her at our hotline (506) 543-8116

Michel Doucet (Small).jpg

Michel 'Chico' Doucet



Building bridges with businesses and partners, He is instrumental in securing the support that makes this festival possible.


Dinah Pitre-Payne


The organizational wizard behind the scenes, She ensures smooth operations and keeps everything running like clockwork.

Spencer Saulnier (Small).jpg

Spencer Saulnier

Merchants & Vendors:

Organizing the ebb & flow of the many merchants & vendors that make up the festival. He also coordinates with DBRC for a flawless execution of car show and parade.

Screenshot_20240329_130445_Gallery (1)_e

Erica DeGrace


With a wealth of experience, she is here to provide invaluable insights and guidance to the team to help make the BEST decisions are made for the community.


Summer Student

Summer Students will be announced in May '24.

We would like to thank Jasmine & Kenna for their hard work and professionalism in 2023.

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