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meet the committee

Claude Doucet (Small).jpg

Claude Doucet

Claude has been in business for 35+ years . He loves the outdoors & has organized many outdoor activities. Getting involved in the Hospitality Days is very exciting for him because it's in his blood.  He also enjoys working alongside this "awesome committee" (his words).

Position: Bar & Back End

Melissa Ellis (Small).jpg

Melissa Ellis

Melissa proudest achievement is her family.  Mother to O, wife to G, business owner and proud citizen o f Bathurst. Lives for adventures, coffee and a good laugh.

Position: Marketing, PR & HR

Chris Drysdale (Small).jpg

Chris Drysdale

Chris is a Business Owner. Born and raised in Bathurst. Married to his high school sweetheart Kenleigh and together raising 3 children. Always on the hunt for his next business idea to help improve Bathurst. Even though his wife says we have enough on the go. Constantly on the road with the  kids traveling from rink to rink for hockey and figure skating.

Chris is known for his wild house parties and down for a good time.

Position: Mover and shaker


Dale Knowles (Small).jpg

Dale Knowles

Dale is Semi-retired but don't you worry we keep him busy with lots to do. He is positive by nature. Lifelong Bathurst resident who likes to volunteer. Married to Lisa, father to 2 & proud grandfather. Dale Very happy to work with the Hospitality Days Crew.

Position: City Council Liason


Gilbert LeClair

Gilbert works in Sales for a local branch. He loves Au Bootleggers wings & following the speed limit EVERYWHERE, drives his wife Melissa (see above) batty. 

Position: Tech Guru, Lighting & Mover of Heavy objects.

Michel Doucet (Small).jpg

Michel 'Chico' Doucet

"Chico" is a Retired Food Service Manager, father and grandfather. He loves working with people and helping others. Chico enjoys sports, travel and spending time with family and friends. Husband to Monique.

Position: Ambassador

Mike Doucet (Small).jpg

Mike Doucet

Mike is a Finance & Strategy Business Owner. Husband of 27 years to Jacinthe . He would like to mention that all the best ideas come from her. Super Proud father of 2. Mike enjoys a good meal and an even better bottle of red. Away for 30 years and very happy to be back home.

Position: Head of Operations/Finance


Dinah Payne-Pitre

Dinah is a lifelong educator who never dared dream she could come back home before she was an old retired lady.  Thanks to the stars aligning, she made it back just under the wire after thirty some years away and now works her dream job at CCNB. She is proud to be Jared's mom.  She is good with a hammer and has a wonderful husband Eric - no correlation. ;)

Position: Secretary

Spencer Saulnier (Small).jpg

Spencer Saulnier

Half of 60 years old

Business owner

Local resident

Global traveler

Position: Head of Sponsorship Committee


Summer Student

Summer Students will be announced in May '24.

We would like to thank Jasmine & Kenna for their hard work and professionalism in 2023.

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